premera udaye haya premera vikara
sveda-kampa-pulakadi gadgadasrudhara
premeraof love of Godhead; udayewhen there is awakening; hayait becomes so; premeraof love of Godhead; vikaratransformation; svedaperspiration; kampatrembling; pulaka-adithrobbing of the heart; gadgadafaltering; asru-dharatears in the eyes.
When one's transcendental loving service to the Lord is actually awakened, it generates transformations in the body such as perspiration, trembling, throbbing of the heart, faltering of the voice and tears in the eyes.
These bodily transformations are automatically manifested when one is actually situated in love of Godhead. One should not artificially imitate them. Our disease is desire for that which is material; even while advancing in spiritual life, we want material acclaim. One must be freed from this disease. Pure devotion must be anyabhilasita-sunyam, without desire for anything material. Advanced devotees manifest many bodily transformations, which are symptoms of ecstasy, but one should not imitate them to achieve cheap adoration from the public. When one actually attains the advanced stage, the ecstatic symptoms will appear automatically; one does not need to imitate them.

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