premara svabhave bhakta hase, kande, gaya
unmatta ha-iya nace, iti-uti dhaya
premaraby such love of Godhead; svabhaveby nature; bhaktathe devotee; haselaughs; kandecries; gayachants; unmattamad; ha-iyabecoming; nacedances; itihere; utithere; dhayamoves.
" 'When one actually develops love of Godhead, he naturally sometimes cries, sometimes laughs, sometimes chants and sometimes runs here and there just like a madman.
In this connection Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami says that sometimes persons who have no love of Godhead at all display ecstatic bodily symptoms. Artificially they sometimes laugh, cry and dance just like madmen, but this cannot help one progress in Krsna consciousness. Rather, such artificial agitation of the body is to be given up when one naturally develops the necessary bodily symptoms. Actual blissful life, manifested in genuine spiritual laughing, crying and dancing, is the symptom of real advancement in Krsna consciousness, which can be achieved by a person who always voluntarily engages in the transcendental loving service of the Lord. If one who is not yet developed imitates such symptoms artificially, he creates chaos in the spiritual life of human society.

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