hasaya, nacaya, more karaya krandana
eta suni' guru hasi balila vacana
hasayait causes Me to laugh; nacayait causes Me to dance; moreunto Me; karayait causes; krandanacrying; etathus; suni'-hearing; guruMy spiritual master; hasismiling; balilasaid; vacanawords.
" 'Chanting the holy name in ecstasy causes Me to dance, laugh and cry.' When My spiritual master heard all this, he smiled and then began to speak.
When a disciple very perfectly makes progress in spiritual life, this gladdens the spiritual master, who then also smiles in ecstasy, thinking, "How successful my disciple has become!" He feels so glad that he smiles as he enjoys the progress of the disciple, just as a smiling parent enjoys the activities of a child who is trying to stand up or crawl perfectly.

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