panca-tattvatmakam krsnam
bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam
namami bhakta-saktikam
panca-tattva-atmakam—comprehending the five transcendental subject matters; krsnam—unto Lord Krsna; bhakta-rupa—in the form of a devotee; svarupakam—in the expansion of a devotee; bhakta-avataram—in the incarnation of a devotee; bhakta-akhyam—known as a devotee; namami—I offer my obeisances; bhakta-saktikam—the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Let me offer my obeisances unto Lord Sri Krsna, who has manifested Himself in five as a devotee, expansion of a devotee, incarnation of a devotee, pure devotee and devotional energy.
Sri Nityananda Prabhu is the immediate expansion of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as His brother. He is the personified spiritual bliss of sac-cid-ananda-vigraha. His body is transcendental and full of ecstasy in devotional service. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is therefore called bhakta-rupa (the form of a devotee), and Sri Nityananda Prabhu is called bhakta-svarupa (the expansion of a devotee). Sri Advaita Prabhu, the incarnation of a devotee, is visnu-tattva and belongs to the same category. There are also different types of bhaktas, or devotees, on the platforms of neutrality, servitude, friendship, parenthood and conjugal love. Devotees like Sri Damodara, Sri Gadadhara and Sri Ramananda are different energies. This confirms the Vedic sutra parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate. All these bhakta subjects taken together constitute Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Krsna Himself.

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