na yaha sannyasi-gosthi, iha ami jani
more anugraha kara nimantrana mani'
nanot; yahaYou go; sannyasi-gosthithe association of Mayavadi sannyasis; ihathis; amiI; janiknow; moreunto me; anugrahamerciful; karabecome; nimantranainvitation; mani'-accepting.
"My dear Lord, I know that You never mix with other sannyasis, but please be merciful unto me and accept my invitation.
An acarya, or great personality of the Vaisnava school, is very strict in his principles, but although he is as hard as a thunderbolt, sometimes he is as soft as a rose. Thus actually he is independent. He follows all the rules and regulations strictly, but sometimes he slackens this policy. It was known that Lord Caitanya never mixed with the Mayavadi sannyasis, yet He conceded to the request of the brahmana, as stated in the next verse.

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