yata yata prema-vrsti kare panca-jane
tata tata badhe jala, vyape tri-bhuvane
yataas many; yataso many; prema-vrstishowers of love of Godhead; karecauses; panca-janethe five members of the Panca-tattva; tata tataas much as; badheincreases; jalawater; vyapespreads; tri-bhuvaneall over the three worlds.
The more the five members of the Panca-tattva cause the rains of love of Godhead to fall, the more the inundation increases and spreads all over the world.
The Krsna consciousness movement is not stereotyped or stagnant. It will spread all over the world in spite of all objections by fools and rascals that European and American mlecchas cannot be accepted as brahmanas or sannyasis. Here it is indicated that this process will spread and inundate the entire world with Krsna consciousness.

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