TEXT 133
ei mata pratisutre sahajartha chadiya
gaunartha vyakhya kare kalpana kariya
ei matalike this; prati-sutrein every sutra, or aphorism, of the Vedanta-sutra; sahaja-arthathe clear, simple meaning; chadiyagiving up; gauna-arthaindirect meaning; vyakhyaexplanation; karehe makes; kalpana kariyaby imagination.
"To prove their philosophy, the members of the Mayavada school have given up the real, easily understood meaning of the Vedic literature and introduced indirect meanings based on their imaginative powers."
Unfortunately, the Sankarite interpretation has covered almost the entire world. Therefore there is a great need to present the original, easily understood natural import of the Vedic literature. We have therefore begun by presenting Bhagavad-gita As It Is, and we propose to present all the Vedic literature in terms of the direct meaning of its words.

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