etad isanam isasya
prakrti-stho 'pi tad-gunaih
na yujyate sadatma-sthair
yatha buddhis tad-asraya
etatthis is; isanamopulence; isasyaof the Lord; prakrti-sthahwithin this material world; apialthough; tat-gunaihby the material qualities; na yujyatenever affected; sadaalways; atma-sthaihsituated in His own energy; yathaas also; buddhihintelligence; tatHis; asrayadevotees.
"This is the opulence of the Lord. Although situated within the material nature, He is never affected by the modes of nature. Similarly, those who have surrendered to Him and have fixed their intelligence upon Him are not influenced by the modes of nature."
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.11.38).

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