brahmande prakasa tara krsnera icchaya
eka-i svarupa tara, nahi dui kaya
brahmandewithin the material world; prakasamanifestation; taraof it; krsnera icchayaby the supreme will of Lord Krsna; eka-iit is the same; svarupaidentity; taraof it; nahinot; duitwo; kayabodies.
That abode is manifested within the material world by the will of Lord Krsna. It is identical to that original Gokula; they are not two different bodies.
The above-mentioned dhamas are movable, by the omnipotent will of Lord Krsna. When Sri Krsna appears on the face of the earth, He can also make His dhamas appear, without changing their original structure. One should not discriminate between the dhamas on the earth and those in the spiritual sky, thinking those on earth to be material and the original abodes to be spiritual. All of them are spiritual. Only for us, who cannot experience anything beyond matter in our present conditioned state, do the dhamas and the Lord Himself, in His arca form, appear before us resembling matter to give us the facility to see spirit with material eyes. In the beginning this may be difficult for a neophyte to understand, but in due course, when one is advanced in devotional service, it will be easier, and he will appreciate the Lord's presence in these tangible forms.

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