TEXT 112
sakala jivera tinho haye antaryami
jagat-palaka tinho jagatera svami
sakala—all; jivera—of the living entities; tinho—He; haye—is; antah-yami—the Supersoul; jagat-palaka—the maintainer of the material world; tinho—He; jagatera svami—the Lord of the material world.
He is the Supersoul of all living entities. He maintains this material world, and He is its Lord.
The Laghu-bhagavatamrta gives the following description of the Visnuloka within this universe, quoted from the Visnu-dharmottara: "Above Rudraloka, the planet of Lord Siva, is the planet called Visnuloka, 400,000 miles in circumference, which is inaccessible to any mortal living being. Above that Visnuloka and east of the Sumeru Hill is a golden island called Maha-Visnuloka, in the ocean of salt water. Lord Brahma and other demigods sometimes go there to meet Lord Visnu. Lord Visnu lies there with the goddess of fortune, and it is said that during the four months of the rainy season He enjoys sleeping on that Sesa Naga bed. East of Sumeru is the ocean of milk, in which there is a white city on a white island where the Lord can be seen sitting with His consort, Laksmiji, on a throne of Sesa. That feature of Visnu also enjoys sleeping during the four months of the rainy season. The Svetadvipa in the milk ocean is situated just south of the ocean of salt water. It is calculated that the area of Svetadvipa is 200,000 square miles. This transcendentally beautiful island is decorated with desire trees to please Lord Visnu and His consort." There are references to Svetadvipa in the Brahmanda Purana, Visnu Purana, Mahabharata and Padma Purana, and there is the following reference in Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.15.18).
svetadvipa-patau cittam
suddhe dharma-maye mayi
dharayan chvetatam yati
sad-urmi-rahito narah
"My dear Uddhava, you may know that My transcendental form of Visnu in Svetadvipa is identical with Me in divinity. Anyone who places this Lord of Svetadvipa within his heart can surpass the pangs of the six material tribulations: hunger, thirst, birth, death, lamentation and illusion. Thus one can attain his original, transcendental form."

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