kimva, prema-rasa-maya krsnera svarupa
tanra sakti tanra saha haya eka-rupa
kimvaor; prema-rasathe mellows of love; mayamade of; krsneraof Lord Krsna; svarupathe real nature; tanraof Him; saktithe energy; tanra sahawith Him; hayathere is; eka-rupaoneness.
Or, She is identical with Lord Krsna, for She embodies the mellows of love. The energy of Lord Krsna is identical with Him.
Krsna-mayi has two different imports. First, a person who always thinks of Krsna both within and without and who always remembers only Krsna, wherever he goes or whatever he sees, is called krsna-mayi. Also, since Krsna's personality is full of love, His loving potency, Radharani, being nondifferent from Him, is called krsna-mayi.

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