mata, pita, sthana, grha, sayyasana ara
e-saba krsnera suddha-sattvera vikara
matamother; pitafather; sthanaplace; grhahouse; sayya-asanabeds and seats; araand; e-sabaall these; krsneraof Lord Krsna; suddha-sattveraof the suddha-sattva; vikaratransformations.
Krsna's mother, father, abode, house, bedding, seats and so on are all transformations of suddha-sattva.
Lord Krsna's father, mother and household affairs are all displayed in the same visuddha-sattva existence. A living entity situated in the status of pure goodness can understand the form, quality and other features of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krsna consciousness begins on the platform of pure goodness. Although there is a faint realization of Krsna at first, Krsna is actually realized as Vasudeva, the absolute proprietor of omnipotence or the prime predominating Deity of all potencies. When the living entity is situated in visuddha-sattva, transcendental to the three material modes of nature, he can perceive the form, quality and other features of the Supreme Personality of Godhead through his service attitude. The status of pure goodness is the platform of understanding, for the Supreme Lord is always in spiritual existence.
Krsna is always all-spiritual. Aside from the parents of the Personality of Godhead, all the other paraphernalia of His existence is also essentially a manifestation of sandhini-sakti, or a transformation of visuddha-sattva. To make this more clear, it may be said that this sandhini-sakti of the internal potency maintains and manifests all the variegatedness of the spiritual world. In the kingdom of God, the Lord's servants and maidservants, His consorts, His father and mother and everything else are all transformations of the spiritual existence of sandhini-sakti. The existential sandhini-sakti in the external potency similarly expands all the variegatedness of the material cosmos, from which we can have a glimpse of the spiritual field.

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