hladini sandhini samvit
tvayy eka sarva-samsthitau
hlada-tapa-kari misra
tvayi no guna-varjite
hladini—pleasure potency; sandhini—existence potency; samvit—knowledge potency; tvayi—in You; eka—one; sarva-samsthitau—who are the basis of all things; hlada—pleasure; tapa—and misery; kari—causing; misra—a mixture of the two; tvayi—in You; na u—not; guna-varjite—who are without the three modes of material nature.
"O Lord, You are the support of everything. The three attributes hladini, sandhini and samvit exist in You as one spiritual energy. But the material modes, which cause happiness, misery and mixtures of the two, do not exist in You, for You have no material qualities."
This text is from the Visnu Purana (1.12.69).

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