mo-viṣaye gopī-gaṇera upapati-bhāve
yoga-māyā karibeka āpana-prabhāve
mo-viṣaye—on the subject of Me; gopī-gaṇera—of the gopīs; upapati—of a paramour; bhāve—in the position; yoga-māyāyogamāyā, Lord Kṛṣṇa's internal potency; karibeka—will make; āpana—her own; prabhāve—by the influence.
"The influence of yogamāyā will inspire the gopīs with the sentiment that I am their paramour.
Yogamāyā is the name of the internal potency that makes the Lord forget Himself and become an object of love for His pure devotee in different transcendental mellows. This yogamāyā potency creates a spiritual sentiment in the minds of the damsels of Vraja by which they think of Lord Kṛṣṇa as their paramour. This sentiment is never to be compared to mundane illicit sexual love. It has nothing to do with sexual psychology, although the pure love of such devotees seems to be sexual. One should know for certain that nothing can exist in this cosmic manifestation that has no real counterpart in the spiritual field. All material manifestations are emanations of the Transcendence. The erotic principles of amorous love reflected in mixed material values are perverted reflections of the reality of spirit, but one cannot understand the reality unless one is sufficiently educated in the spiritual science.

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