amake ta' ye ye bhakta bhaje yei bhave
tare se se bhave bhaji,--e mora svabhave
amake—Me; ta'-certainly; ye ye—whatever; bhakta—devotee; bhaje—worships; yei—which; bhave—in the mood; tare—him; se se—that; bhave—in the mood; bhaji—I reciprocate; e—this; mora—My; svabhave—in the nature.
"In whatever transcendental mellow My devotee worships Me, I reciprocate with him. That is My natural behavior.
The Lord, by His inherent nature, reveals Himself before His devotees according to their inherent devotional service. The Vrndavana pastimes demonstrated that although generally people worship God with reverence, the Lord is more pleased when a devotee thinks of Him as his pet son, personal friend or most dear fianci and renders service unto Him with such natural affection. The Lord becomes a subordinate object of love in such transcendental relationships. Such pure love of Godhead is unadulterated by any tinge of superfluous nondevotional desires and is not mixed with any sort of fruitive action or empiric philosophical speculation. It is pure and natural love of Godhead, spontaneously aroused in the absolute stage. This devotional service is executed in a favorable atmosphere freed from material affection.

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