inhota dvi-bhuja, tinho dhare cari hatha
inho venu dhare, tinho cakradika satha
inhota—this one; dvi-bhuja—two arms; tinho—He; dhare—manifests; cari—four; hatha—hands; inho—this one; venu—flute; dhare—holds; tinho—He; cakra-adika—the wheel, etc.; satha—with.
This Personality of Godhead [Sri Krsna] has two hands and holds a flute, whereas the other [Narayana] has four hands, with conch, wheel, mace and lotus.
Narayana is identical to Sri Krsna. They are in fact the same person manifested differently, like a high court judge who is differently situated in his office and at home. As Narayana the Lord is manifested with four hands, but as Krsna He is manifested with two hands.

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