padite aila stave nrsimhera nama
suniya avista haila prabhu gauradhama
paditewhile reading; ailacame; stavein the prayer; nrsimheraof Lord Nrsimha; namathe holy name; suniyahearing; avistaabsorbed; hailabecame; prabhuLord; gaura-dhamaSri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
As he read the thousand names of the Lord, in due course the holy name of Lord Nrsimha appeared. When Caitanya Mahaprabhu heard the holy name of Lord Nrsimha, He became fully absorbed in thought.
The Caitanya-mangala, Madhya-khanda, describes this incident as follows: Srivasa Pandita was performing the sraddha ceremony of his father, and as is customary, he was hearing the thousand names of Lord Visnu. At that time Gaurahari (Lord Caitanya) appeared on the scene, and He also began to hear the thousand names of Visnu with full satisfaction. When He thus heard the holy name of Lord Nrsimha, Lord Caitanya became absorbed in thought, and He became angry like Nrsimha Prabhu in His angry mood. His eyes became red, His hairs stood on end, all the parts of His body trembled, and He made a thundering sound. All of a sudden He took up a club, and people became greatly afraid, thinking, "We do not know what kind of offense we have now committed!" But then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu adjusted His thoughts and sat down on His seat.

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