sridharera lauha-patre kaila jala-pana
samasta bhaktere dila ista vara-dana
sridhareraof Sridhara; lauha-patrefrom the iron pot; kailadid; jala-panadrinking of water; samastaall; bhaktereto the devotees; dilagave; istadesired; vara-danabenediction.
Once Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu went to the house of Sridhara after kirtana and drank water from his damaged iron pot. Then He bestowed His benediction upon all the devotees according to their desires.
After the mass nagara-sankirtana in protest against the magistrate Chand Kazi, the Kazi was converted to a devotee. Then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu returned with His sankirtana party to the house of Sridhara, and Chand Kazi followed Him. All the devotees rested there for some time and drank water from Sridhara's damaged iron pot. The Lord accepted the water because the pot belonged to a devotee. Chand Kazi then returned home. The place where they rested is still situated on the northeastern side of Mayapur, and it is known as kirtana-visrama-sthana, "the resting place of the kirtana party."

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