eta bali' gela prabhu karite ganga-snana
sei papi duhkha bhoge, na yaya parana
eta bali'-saying this; gelawent away; prabhuthe Lord; kariteto take; ganga-snanaa bath in the Ganges; seithat; papisinful man; duhkhapains; bhogesuffers; nanot; yayago away; paranathe life.
After saying this, the Lord left to take His bath in the Ganges, and that sinful man did not give up his life but continued to suffer.
It appears that an offender to a Vaisnava continues to suffer and does not give up his life. We have actually seen that a great vaisnava-aparadhi is continuously suffering so much that it is difficult for him to move, and yet he does not die.

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