TEXT 140
tarja-garja kare loka, kare kolahala
gauracandra-bale loka prasraya-pagala
tarja-garjamurmuring in anger; karedo; lokathe people; karedo; kolahalaroaring; gauracandraof Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; baleby the power; lokapeople; prasraya-pagalabecame mad by such indulgence.
Murmuring in anger and making a roaring sound, the people, under the protection of Lord Caitanya, became mad through such indulgence.
The Kazi had issued an order not to perform kirtana, congregational chanting of the holy name of the Lord. But when this was brought up to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He ordered civil disobedience to the Kazi's order. Lord Caitanya and all His devotees, naturally enthusiastic although agitated, must have made a great noise with their loud cries.

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