TEXT 109
pūrve yaiche chilā tumi ebeha se-rūpa
durvijñeya nityānanda--tomāra svarūpa
pūrve—in the past; yaiche—as much as; chilā—You were; tumi—You; ebeha—now also; se-rūpa—the same thing; durvijñeya—inconceivable; nityānanda—eternal happiness; tomāra—Your; svarūpa—identity.
"You are now the same Personality of Godhead that You were in Your previous birth. Your identity is inconceivable eternal happiness."
By the power of astrological science one can even ascertain the position of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Everything is to be identified by its symptoms. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is identified by the symptoms mentioned in the śāstras. It is not that anyone and everyone can become God without proof from śāstras.

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