sei govinda bhaji ami, tehon mora pati
tanhara prasade mora haya srsti-sakti
sei—that; govinda—Lord Govinda; bhaji—worship; ami—I; tehon—He; mora—my; pati—Lord; tanhara—His; prasade—by the mercy; mora—my; haya—becomes; srsti—of creation; sakti—power.
"I worship Govinda. He is my Lord. Only by His grace am I empowered to create the universe."
Although the sun is situated far away from the other planets, its rays sustain and maintain them all. Indeed, the sun diffuses its heat and light all over the universe. Similarly, the supreme sun, Govinda, diffuses His heat and light everywhere in the form of His different potencies. The sun's heat and light are nondifferent from the sun. In the same way, the unlimited potencies of Govinda are nondifferent from Govinda Himself. Therefore the all-pervasive Brahman is the all-pervasive Govinda. The Bhagavad-gita (14.27) clearly mentions that the impersonal Brahman is dependent upon Govinda. That is the real conception of absolute knowledge.

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