purva-siddha bhava dunhara udaya karila
daive vanamali ghataka saci-sthane aila
purva-siddhaas it is already settled; bhavaecstasy; dunharaof both of them; udayaawakened; karilawas made; daivealso accidentally; vanamaliof the name Vanamali; ghatakathe marriage-maker; saci-sthaneat the place of Sacimata; ailacame.
When the Lord and Laksmidevi met, their relationship awakened, having already been settled, and coincidentally the marriage-maker Vanamali came to see Sacimata.
Vanamali Ghataka, a resident of Navadvipa and a brahmana by caste, arranged the marriage of the Lord to Laksmidevi. He was formerly Visvamitra, who negotiated the marriage of Lord Ramacandra, and later he was the brahmana who negotiated the marriage of Lord Krsna with Rukmini. That same brahmana acted as the marriage-maker of the Lord in caitanya-lila.

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