ucchista-garte tyakta-handira upara
basiyachena sukhe prabhu deva-visvambhara
ucchista-garte—in the pit where the remnants of food were thrown; tyakta—rejected; handira—pots; upara—upon; basiyachenasat down; sukhe—very pleasingly; prabhu—the Lord; deva—the Supreme God; visvambhara—the maintainer of the universe.
Although He is the maintainer of the entire universe, once the Lord sat upon some rejected pots in the pit where the remnants of food were thrown, after the pots had been used for cooking.
Formerly it was the custom of brahmanas to worship Lord Visnu daily at home and cook food in new pots. This system is still going on in Jagannatha Puri. The food would be cooked in earthen pots, all fresh and new, and after cooking, the pots would be thrown away. By the side of the house there was generally a big pit where such pots were thrown. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu sat down on the pots very pleasingly, just to give His mother a lesson.

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