tabe kata dine prabhura janu-cankramana
nana camatkara tatha karaila darsana
tabethereafter; katasome; dinedays; prabhuraof the Lord; januknees; cankramanathe crawling; nanavarious; camatkarawonderful; tathaalso; karailacaused; darsanathe sight.
After some days the Lord began to crawl on His knees, and He caused various wonderful things to be seen.
The Caitanya-bhagavata describes that one day while the Lord was crawling upon His knees, the bells on His waist ringing very sweetly, a snake came out to crawl in the yard of the Lord, who captured the snake like a curious child. Immediately the snake coiled over Him. The Lord as a child then rested on the snake, and after some time the snake went away, leaving aside the Lord.

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