caudda-sata chaya sake sesa magha mase
jagannatha-sacira dehe krsnera pravese
caudda-sata—1400; chaya—6; sake—in the year of the Saka Era; sesa—last; maghaMagha; mase—in the month; jagannatha—of Jagannatha Misra; sacira—and of Sacidevi; dehe—in the bodies; krsnera—of Lord Krsna; pravese—by the entrance.
In the month of January in the year 1406 of the Saka Era (A.D. 1485), Lord Krsna entered the bodies of both Jagannatha Misra and Saci.
Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu took His birth in the year 1407 Saka Era (A.D. 1486), in the month of Phalguna. But here we see that He entered the bodies of His parents in the year 1406 in the month of Magha. Therefore, the Lord entered the bodies of His parents thirteen full months before His birth. Generally a common child remains within the womb of his mother for ten lunar months, but here we see that the Lord remained within the body of His mother for thirteen lunar months.

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