sarva-sastre kahe krsna-bhaktira vyakhyana
jnana, yoga, tapo-dharma nahi mane ana
sarva-sastrein all revealed scriptures; kahesays; krsna-bhaktiraof devotional service to Lord Krsna; vyakhyanaexplanation; jnanaphilosophical speculation; yogamystic hatha-yoga; tapasausterities; dharmareligious procedures; nahidoes not; maneaccept; anaother.
In all the revealed scriptures of Vedic culture, devotional service to Lord Krsna is explained throughout. Therefore devotees of Lord Krsna do not recognize the processes of philosophical speculation, mystic yoga, unnecessary austerity and so-called religious rituals. They do not accept any process but devotional service.
Our Krsna consciousness movement follows this principle. We do not recognize any method for spiritual realization other than Krsna consciousness, devotional service. Sometimes we are criticized by groups following jnana, yoga, tapas or dharma, but fortunately we are unable to make any compromises with them. We simply stand on the platform of devotional service and preach the same principles all over the world.

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