amogha pandita, hasti-gopala, caitanya-vallabha
yadu ganguli ara mangala vaisnava
amogha panditaof the name Amogha Pandita; hasti-gopalaof the name Hastigopala; caitanya-vallabhaof the name Caitanya-vallabha; yadu ganguliof the name Yadu Ganguli; araand; mangala vaisnavaof the name Mangala Vaisnava.
The twenty-eighth branch was Amogha Pandita; the twenty-ninth, Hastigopala; the thirtieth, Caitanya-vallabha; the thirty-first, Yadu Ganguli; and the thirty-second, Mangala Vaisnava.
Sri Mangala Vaisnava was a resident of the village Titakana in the district of Mursidabada. His forefathers were saktas who worshiped the goddess Kiritesvari. It is said that Mangala Vaisnava, formerly a staunch brahmacari, left home and later married the daughter of his disciple Prananatha Adhikari in the village of Mayanadala. The descendants of this family are known as the Thakuras of Kandada, which is a village in the district of Burdwan near Katwa. Scattered descendants of Mangala Vaisnava, thirty-six families altogether, still live there. Among the celebrated disciples of Mangala Thakura are Prananatha Adhikari, Purusottama Cakravarti of the village of Kandada, and Nrsimha-prasada Mitra, whose family members are well-known mrdanga players. Sudhakrsna Mitra and Nikunjavihari Mitra are both especially famous mrdanga players. In the family of Purusottama Cakravarti there are famous persons like Kunjavihari Cakravarti and Radhavallabha Cakravarti, who now live in the district of Birbhum. They professionally recite songs from Caitanya-mangala. It is said that when Mangala Thakura was constructing a road from Bengal to Jagannatha Puri, he found a Deity of Radhavallabha while digging a lake. At that time he was living in the locality of Kandada in the village named Ranipura. The salagrama-sila personally worshiped by Mangala Thakura still exists in the village of Kandada. A temple has been constructed there for the worship of Vrndavana-candra. Mangala Thakura had three sons-Radhikaprasada, Gopiramana and Syamakisora. The descendants of these three sons are still living.

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