TEXT 116
saba srota-ganera kari carana vandana
e saba siddhanta suna, kari' eka mana
saba—all; srota-ganera—of the hearers; kari—I do; carana—to the lotus feet; vandana—praying; e—these; saba—all; siddhanta—conclusions; suna—please hear; kari'-making; eka—one; mana—mind.
I offer my obeisances unto the feet of all who hear or read this discourse. Kindly hear with attention the conclusion of all these statements.
Prostrating himself at the feet of his readers, the author of Sri Caitanya-caritamrta entreats them in all humility to hear with rapt attention these conclusive arguments regarding the Absolute Truth. One should not fail to hear such arguments because only by such knowledge can one perfectly know Krsna.

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