mahesa pandita--vrajera udara gopala
dhakka-vadye nrtya kare preme matoyala
mahesa panditaof the name Mahesa Pandita; vrajeraof Vrndavana; udaravery liberal; gopalacowherd boy; dhakka-vadyewith the beating of a kettledrum; nrtya kareused to dance; premein love; matoyalaas if a madman.
Mahesa Pandita, the seventh of the twelve gopalas, was very liberal. In great love of Krsna he danced to the beating of a kettledrum like a madman.
The village of Mahesa Pandita, which is known as Palapada, is situated in the district of Nadia within a forest about one mile south of the Cakadaha railway station. The Ganges flows nearby. It is said that formerly Mahesa Pandita lived on the eastern side of Jirat in the village known as Masipura or Yasipura, and when Masipura merged into the riverbed of the Ganges, the Deities there were brought to Palapada, wh ich is situated in the midst of various villages such as Beledanga, Berigrama, Sukhasagara, Candude and Manasapota. (There are about fourteen villages, and the entire neighborhood is known as Pancanagara Paragana.) It is mentioned that Mahesa Pandita joined the festival performed by Sri Nityananda Prabhu at Panihati. Narottama dasa Thakura also joined in the festival, and Mahesa Pandita saw him on that occasion. In the temple of Mahesa Pandita there are Deities of Gaura-Nityananda, Sri Gopinatha, Sri Madana-mohana and Radha-Govinda, as well as a salagrama-sila.

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