jagadisa pandita haya jagat-pavana
krsna-premamrta varse, yena varsa ghana
jagadisa pandita—of the name Jagadisa Pandita; haya—becomes; jagat-pavana—the deliverer of the world; krsna-prema-amrta varse—he always pours torrents of devotional service; yena—like; varsa—rainfall; ghana—heavy.
Jagadisa Pandita, the fifteenth branch of Lord Nityananda's followers, was the deliverer of the entire world. Devotional love of Krsna showered from him like torrents of rain.
Descriptions of Jagadisa Pandita are available from Caitanya-bhagavata, Adi-lila, Chapter Six, and Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi-lila, Chapter Fourteen. He belonged to the village of Yasada-grama, in the district of Nadia near the Cakadaha railway station. His father, the son of Bhatta Narayana, was named Kamalaksa. Both his father and mother were great devotees of Lord Visnu, and after their death, Jagadisa, with his wife Duhkhini and brother Mahesa, left his birthplace and came to Sri Mayapur to live in the company of Jagannatha Misra and other Vaisnavas. Lord Caitanya asked Jagadisa to go to Jagannatha Puri to preach the hari-nama-sankirtana movement. After returning from Jagannatha Puri, on the order of Lord Jagannatha he established Deities of Jagannatha in the village of Yasada-grama. It is said that when Jagadisa Pandita brought the Deity of Jagannatha to Yasada-grama, he tied the heavy Deity to a stick and thus brought Him to the village. The priests of the temple still show the stick used by Jagadisa Pandita to carry the Jagannatha Deity.

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