suryadasa sarakhela, tanra bhai krsnadasa
nityanande drdha visvasa, premera nivasa
suryadasa sarakhela—of the name Suryadasa Sarakhela; tanra bhai—his brother; krsnadasa—of the name Krsnadasa; nityanande—unto Lord Nityananda; drdha visvasa—firm faith; premera nivasa—the reservoir of all love of Godhead.
Suryadasa Sarakhela and his younger brother Krsnadasa Sarakhela both possessed firm faith in Nityananda Prabhu. They were a reservoir of love of Godhead.
In the Bhakti-ratnakara (Twelfth Wave), it is stated that a few miles from Navadvipa is a place called Saligrama that was the residence of Suryadasa Sarakhela. He was employed as a secretary in the Muslim government of that time, and thus he amassed a good fortune. Suryadasa had four brothers, all of whom were pure Vaisnavas. Vasudha and Jahnava were two daughters of Suryadasa Sarakhela.

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