jagadisa pandita, ara hiranya mahasaya
yare krpa kaila balye prabhu dayamaya
jagadisa pandita—of the name Jagadisa Pandita; ara—and; hiranya—of the name Hiranya; mahasaya—great personality; yare—unto whom; krpa—mercy; kaila—showed; balye—in childhood; prabhu—the Lord; dayamaya—merciful.
The thirty-first branch was Jagadisa Pandita, and the thirty-second was Hiranya Mahasaya, unto whom Lord Caitanya in His childhood showed His causeless mercy.
Jagadisa Pandita was formerly a great dancer in krsna-lila and was known as Candrahasa. Regarding Hiranya Pandita, it is said that once when Lord Nityananda, decorated with valuable jewels, was staying at his home, a great thief attempted all night long to plunder these jewels but was unsuccessful. Later he came to Nityananda Prabhu and surrendered unto Him.

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