TEXT 114
jagannatha tirtha, vipra sri-janakinatha
gopala acarya, ara vipra vaninatha
jagannatha tirtha—of the name Jagannatha Tirtha; viprabrahmana; sri-janakinatha—of the name Sri Janakinatha; gopala acarya—of the name Gopala Acarya; ara—and; vipra vaninatha—the brahmana of the name Vaninatha.
The seventy-eighth branch of the original tree was Jagannatha Tirtha, the seventy-ninth was the brahmana Sri Janakinatha, the eightieth was Gopala Acarya, and the eighty-first was the brahmana Vaninatha.
Jagannatha Tirtha was one of the nine principal sannyasis who were Lord Caitanya's associates. Vaninatha Vipra was a resident of Canpahati, a village in the district of Burdwan near the town of Navadvipa, the police station of Purvasthali and the post office of Samudragada. The temple there was very much neglected, but it was renovated in the Bengali year 1328 (A.D. 1921) by Sri Paramananda Brahmacari, one of Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura's disciples, who reorganized the seva-puja (worship in the temple) and placed the temple under the management of the Sri Caitanya Matha of Sri Mayapur. In the temple as it now exists, the Deity of Sri Gaura-Gadadhara is worshiped strictly according to the principles of the revealed scriptures. Canpahati is two miles away from both Samudragada and the Navadvipa station of the eastern railway.

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