sei bhakta-gana haya dvi-vidha prakara
parisad-gana eka, sadhaka-gana ara
seithese; bhakta-ganadevotees; hayaare; dvi-vidhatwofold; prakaravarieties; parisat-ganafactual devotees; ekaone; sadhaka-ganaprospective devotees; arathe other.
Such pure devotees are of two types: personal associates [parisats] and neophyte devotees [sadhakas].
Perfect servitors of the Lord are considered His personal associates, whereas devotees endeavoring to attain perfection are called neophytes. Among the associates, some are attracted by the opulences of the Personality of Godhead, and others are attracted by nuptial love of Godhead. The former devotees are placed in the realm of Vaikuntha to render reverential devotional service, whereas the latter devotees are placed in Vrndavana for the direct service of Sri Krsna.

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