atmavantam na karmani
nibadhnanti dhananjaya
yogadevotional service in karma-yoga; sannyastarenounced; karmanamof the performers; jnanaknowledge; sanchinnacut by the advancement of knowledge; samsayamdoubts; atma-vantamsituated in the self; nanever; karmaniwork; nibadhnantido bind up; dhananjayaO conquerer of riches.
Therefore, one who has renounced the fruits of his action, whose doubts are destroyed by transcendental knowledge, and who is situated firmly in the self, is not bound by works, O conqueror of riches.
One who follows the instruction of the Gita, as it is imparted by the Lord, the Personality of Godhead Himself, becomes free from all doubts by the grace of transcendental knowledge. He, as a part and parcel of the Lord, in full Krsna consciousness, is already established in self-knowledge. As such, he is undoubtedly above bondage to action.

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