avācya-vādāṁś ca bahūn
vadiṣyanti tavāhitāḥ
nindantas tava sāmarthyaṁ
tato duḥkhataraṁ nu kim
avācyaunkind; vādānfabricated words; caalso; bahūnmany; vadiṣyantiwill say; tavayour; ahitāḥenemies; nindantaḥwhile vilifying; tavayour; sāmarthyamability; tataḥthereafter; duḥkhatarammore painful; nuof course; kimwhat is there.
Your enemies will describe you in many unkind words and scorn your ability. What could be more painful for you?
Lord Kṛṣṇa was astonished in the beginning at Arjuna's uncalled-for plea for compassion, and He described his compassion as befitting the non-Aryans. Now in so many words, He has proved His statements against Arjuna's so-called compassion.

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