rajan samsmrtya samsmrtya
samvadam imam adbhutam
kesavarjunayoh punyam
hrsyami ca muhur muhuh
rajanO King; samsmrtyaremembering; samsmrtyaremembering; samvadammessage; imamthis; adbhutamwonderful; kesavaLord Krsna; arjunayohand Arjuna; punyampious; hrsyamitaking pleasure; caalso; muhuh muhuhalways, repeatedly.
O King, as I repeatedly recall this wondrous and holy dialogue between Krsna and Arjuna, I take pleasure, being thrilled at every moment.
The understanding of Bhagavad-gita is so transcendental that anyone who becomes conversant with the topics of Arjuna and Krsna becomes righteous, and he cannot forget such talks. This is the transcendental position of spiritual life. In other words, one who hears the Gita from the right source, directly from Krsna, attains full Krsna consciousness. The result of Krsna consciousness is that one becomes increasingly enlightened, and he enjoys life with a thrill, not only for some time, but at every moment.

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