adesa-kale yad danam
apatrebhyas ca diyate
asat-krtam avajnatam
tat tamasam udahrtam
adesaunpurified place; kaleunpurified time; yat—that which is; danam—charity; apatrebhyah—to unworthy persons; caalso; diyate—is given; asatkrtam—without respect; avajnatam—without proper attention; tat—that; tamasam—in the mode of darkness; udahrtamis said to be.
And charity performed at an improper place and time and given to unworthy persons without respect and with contempt is charity in the mode of ignorance.
Contributions for indulgence in intoxication and gambling are not encouraged here. That sort of contribution is in the mode of ignorance. Such charity is not beneficial; rather, sinful persons are encouraged. Similarly, if a person gives charity to a suitable person without respect and without attention, that sort of charity is also said to be in the mode of darkness.

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