vidhi-hinam asrstannam
mantra-hinam adaksinam
sraddha-virahitam yajnam
tamasam paricaksate
vidhi-hinamwithout scriptural direction; asrsta-annamwithout distribution of prasadam; mantra-hinamwith no chanting of the Vedic hymns; adaksinamwith no remunerations to the priests; sraddhafaith; virahitamwithout; yajnamsacrifice; tamasamin the mode of ignorance; paricaksateis to be considered.
And that sacrifice performed in defiance of scriptural injunctions, in which no spiritual food is distributed, no hymns are chanted and no remunerations are made to the priests, and which is faithless-that sacrifice is of the nature of ignorance.
Faith in the mode of darkness or ignorance is actually faithlessness. Sometimes people worship some demigod just to make money and then spend the money for recreation, ignoring the scriptural injunctions. Such ceremonial shows of religiosity are not accepted as genuine. They are all in the mode of darkness; they produce a demoniac mentality and do not benefit human society.

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