samam pasyan hi sarvatra
samavasthitam isvaram
na hinasty atmanatmanam
tato yati param gatim
samam—equally; pasyan—seeing; hicertainly; sarvatra—everywhere; samavasthitamequally situated; isvaram—Supersoul; na—does not; hinasti—degrade; atmana—by the mind; atmanamthe soul; tatah yati—then reaches; param—the transcendental; gatim—destination.
One who sees the Supersoul in every living being and equal everywhere does not degrade himself by his mind. Thus he approaches the transcendental destination.
The living entity, by accepting his material existence as just so much suffering, can become situated in his spiritual existence. If one understands that the Supreme is situated in His Paramatma manifestation everywhere, that is, if one can see the presence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in every living thing, he does not degrade himself, and he therefore gradually advances in the spiritual world. The mind is generally addicted to self-centered processes; but when the mind turns to the Supersoul, one becomes advanced in spiritual understanding.

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