anādi-madhyāntam ananta-vīryam
ananta-bāhuṁ śaśi-sūrya-netram
paśyāmi tvāṁ dīpta-hutāśa-vaktraṁ
sva-tejasā viśvam idaṁ tapantam
anādiwithout beginning; madhyawithout middle; antamwithout end; anantaunlimited; vīryamglorious; anantaunlimited; bāhumarms; śaśimoon; sūryasun; netrameyes; paśyāmi—I see; tvām—You; dīptablazing; hutāśa-vaktramfire coming out of Your mouth; sva-tejasāby Your; viśvamthis universe; idamthis; tapantamheating.
You are the origin without beginning, middle or end. You have numberless arms, and the sun and moon are among Your great unlimited eyes. By Your own radiance You are heating this entire universe.
There is no limit to the extent of the six opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Here and in many other places there is repetition, but according to the scriptures, repetition of the glories of Kṛṣṇa is not a literary weakness. It is said that at a time of bewilderment or wonder or of great ecstasy, statements are repeated over and over. That is not a flaw.

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