adityanam aham visnur
jyotisam ravir amsuman
maricir marutam asmi
naksatranam aham sasi
adityanamof the Adityas; ahamI am; visnuhthe Supreme Lord; jyotisamof all luminaries; ravihthe sun; amsumanradiant; maricihMarici; marutamof the Marutas; asmiI am; naksatranamof stars; ahamI am; sasithe moon.
Of the Adityas I am Visnu, of lights I am the radiant sun, I am Marici of the Maruts, and among the stars I am the moon.
There are twelve Adityas, of which Krsna is the principal. And among all the luminaries twinkling in the sky, the sun is the chief, and in the Brahma-samhita the sun is accepted as the glowing effulgence of the Supreme Lord and is considered to be one of His eyes. Marici is the controlling deity of the heavenly spaces. Among the stars, the moon is most prominent at night, and thus the moon represents Krsna.

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