aho bata mahat pāpaṁ
kartuṁ vyavasitā vayam
yad rājya-sukha-lobhena
hantuṁ sva-janam udyatāḥ
ahaḥalas; batahow strange it is; mahatgreat; pāpamsins; kartumto perform; vyavasitāḥdecided; vayamwe; yatso that; rājyakingdom; sukha-lobhenadriven by greed for royal happiness; hantumto kill; svajanamkinsmen; udyatāḥtrying for.
Alas, how strange it is that we are preparing to commit greatly sinful acts, driven by the desire to enjoy royal happiness.
Driven by selfish motives, one may be inclined to such sinful acts as the killing of one's own brother, father, or mother. There are many such instances in the history of the world. But Arjuna, being a saintly devotee of the Lord, is always conscious of moral principles and therefore takes care to avoid such activities.

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