Liberation in Practice
There are two ways of inducing a conditioned soul towards the path of self realization. The one is called PANCHARATRIKI system worship of the form and Deity of the Supreme Lord is done according to the rulings of the authorized courses whereas the BHAGWATI system is the rational and philosophical representation generally meant for the advanced intellectuals and realized souls. The Vedanta Sutra is the nucleus of the BHAGBATI SYSTEM wherein the PARAM BRAHMA or the Supreme Personality of Godhead is described by His transcendental nature.
Srimad BHAGAWATAM is the genuine exposition of the Vedanta Sutra. Because in the very beginning of this great Scripture the life of the Bhagwat schoolthe Supreme Truth is described in nutshell of Vedantic form. The substance of the Vedanta Sutra in fact is explained by the Srimad BHAGWATAM in the very beginning and they are understood by the non-envious liberated souls called by the name Paramahansas. Such Paramahansas or Mahatmas are cent percent engaged in the transcendental loving service of the Personality of Godhead. Such Mahatmas are however rarely found amongst the dry speculationists. Some of the dry speculationists after many many births become such Mahatmas who has surrendered himself in the serivce devotional or the Supreme Person. Such Mahatmas engaged cent percent in the service of the Lord are liberated in practice whereas the mental speculators are bound up by the material quality of goodness. Such material quality of goodness is also a source of bondage by the conditions of material nature and it has the risk of subdued by the other inferior qualities namely the mode of passion and ignorance. We have practically seen it in the daily affairs of life how the material qualities are overlapped by one another. Many Mayavadins Sanyasins are attracted by the material modes of passion and they are seen sometimes engaged in the mundane affairs of politics or social service which they pretended to give up earlier or at the time of accepting the renounced order of life. Such social service or political sanyasins bring themselves in the category of Narayana or Daridra-Narayan but actually such false attempt of being liberated never helps them either to become Narayana or Daridra-Narayan or His servitor but keep them ever Daridra or poor in knowledge and the result of such imbalance state they fall down from higher status in the modes of goodness to the lower status of passion and ignorance due to the willful negligence in the transcendental service of the Lord.
Practical liberation therefore lies in the service of the Lord. The Lord wants that we shall relinquish our all rubbish engagements under the plea of so many isms, and may take shelter under the Lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. We may follow the instructions in toto. The Lord is th [TEXT STOPS HERE]

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