Contribution of Lord Chaitanya to the People of the World
[Bengali script omitted]
(Contribution of Lord Chaitanya to the People of the World)
1. The President
2. His Father Late Sisir Kumar Ghose
3. Late Kedar Nath Dutta Bhaktivinode initiator of Sisir Babu
4. Allahabad or Prayag is the birthplace of the seeds of transcendental Love of Godhead as they were implemented here first in the heart of Srila Rupa Goswami.
5. Lord Chaitanya appeared Himself as He does in terms of Bhagwat Geeta. [Quote in Bengali script]
6. Lord Chaitanya is Sri Krishna Himself in the garb of a devotee for the benefit of the fallen people of Kali yuga.
7. He is Personality of Godhead Sree Krishna Himself and is supported by Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. [(a) to (f) of quotes in Bengali script]
(8) As such He was recognised Sreela Rupa Goswami, Sreela Sanatan Goswami, Sreela Sarba-Bhouma Bhattacharya and others.
(9) He is [Bengali script]because He was observed in that way by shrewd politicians like Sree Rupa & Sanatan Goswami. [Bengali script]
10. Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu actually diagnised the real disease of human being and He contributed the actual remedy for its cure.
(11) Sri Nehrujee urged the other day (March 5/3/52) the medicos to seek cure for mind of man. He said amongst other things, "We go in for public health, sanitation and all kinds of preventive measures, rather than wait for him to fall ill and then treat him. Why not apply that in larger sphere and prevent something which you will have to deal with later in much more difficult form. That will take you to sociological and other spheres of human activity but when you cannot separate them and doctors, who more especially than others, have to face all these problems. So, perhaps when wise men like you gather together, you might think of the ills and diseases of humanity as a whole which create so many conflicts and trouble and come in the way of human progress.
(12) What is thought now by leaders like Sri Nehru and others of the ills and diseases of humanity as a wholewas long long ago tacked(?) by Lord Chaitanya and the remedy for cure of the disease was contributed by Him.
(13) Lord Chaitanya personally wrote only eight slokas known as [Bengali script] and by and in the very first satnza of that [Bengali script]He diagnosed the disease of humanity as the malady of mind.
(14) [Bengali script]
(15) The malady of the mind is a short of 'Double Pneumonia' disease divided in two faces of which one is forgetful ness of the relation with the Absolute Truth and the other is a false conception of enjoying the manifested world.
(16) The false conception of enjoying the material nature has baffled humanity repeatedly but still some of them are so fool that they are reluctant(?) to get relief from the Supreme.
(17) In the Bhagwat Geeta such fools are described as [Bengali script 4 lines]
(18) A vivid description of such Mudhas and Asuri bhavam asritah(?) are given in the Bhagwat Geeta as follows (Bhag. Geeta Chapter 16 - slokas 8-20)
[Bengali script]
(19) Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared Himself to save these [Bengali script] from going down and down to the lowest stratum of hell and He prescribed a simple remedy namely Sree Krishna Sankirtana.
(20) [Bengali script 4 line sloka with verse reference]
(21) By the first instalment result of Sree Krishna Sankirtana, the malady of the mind of man is cured. And by the second instalment all the (?) conflicts and troubles, created by a diseased mind, are extinguished.
(22) We should only know that the Name of Krishna or Godhead is identical(?) with Him. [Bengali script 4 lines, 2 slokas]
and therefore we must give reception to the holy Name of God as we ought to have given reception to the Personality of Godhead.
(23) Any living entity irrespective of species of life, nationality, creed and color can join such congregational chanting or deliberation of the science of the Name of God.
(24) That process only will awake the dormant sleeping lion encaged in the material body and engage him in the real work of eternal Iife. That process will detach him from the illusory engagement of so called enjoyment of the material world.
(25) Beginning from Ravana, Hiranya Kasipu from the age of Satya-yuga down to this age which produced Hitler, Mussolini, Tojos and others no body has been successful in the plan of false material enjoyment and we must know it for certain that no scientist or no politician will ever be able to finish this task first inaugurated by such great Asuras as Ravana.
(26) Let us no more be conducted by the illusory Energy known as Maya. Let us take shelter under the lotus feet of Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
(27) Sri Jawaharlal Nehru has made so many plans and we request him to make another plan for understanding the contribution made by Lord Chaitanya. It is very simple and sublime at the same time. Sri Tushnu Kanti Ghose can take the initiative for propagating this movement in an organized and scientific way so that the people (?) would can take it up and be benefitted by it.

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