Fourth Octet
The Essential Purport Neglected
1) Everything regarding material prosperity as well as mystic perfection is fully present in your transcendental message: "Because the residents of Vraja have life, therefore they engage in preaching work." (Dusta Mana verse)
2) The "resolute intelligence" ("vyavasayatmika buddhi") explained by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti [in his commentary to Bhagavad Gita 2.41] is now spoiled since your disciples have become ensnared in the bewildering noose of Maya.
3) Those disciples who were irresolute in performing devotional service according to your instructions have now divided your mission in many factions. It appears that the tigress of ambition for material names and fame has appeared and personally provoked this upheaval.
4) The essential purport of your message obviously did not enter their ears. O where will I get the strength to perform this hari-nama-sankirtana?
5) To chant the holy name of the Lord is the explicit command of my worshipful spiritual master. I could never honestly neglect that order
6) Your greatest acclaim is that you propagated the topmost religious culture Anyone who accepts the holy name from you becomes spiritually qualified.
7) If all those who attained this qualification were to go out and make disciples then the miserable conditioned souls would all be delivered from this world of birth and death.
8) O Srila Prabhupada! You personally suffer to see the suffering of the fallen conditioned souls. On this day of your separation I am utterly despondent.

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