Prahlad Maharaja
(The great devotee of Krishna)
4th Picture:
Prahlad sitting amongst other students in the primary school and the two teachers threatening the boy with cane. The teachers wanted the boy not to talk of Krishna any more otherwise he would be severely punished.
5th Picture:
Prahlad Maharaj again brought before his father. The father took the boy again on his lap with all affection before the teachers standing. The boy did not change his attitude of Krishna Consciousness.
6th Picture:
Hiranyakasipu seeing his son incorrigible threw down the boy on ground in great anger and called for his orderlies to kill the boy.
7th Picture:
Prahlad in the midst of great giants with big teeth, horns, horrible face, trident in hand threatening by piercing making high sound by horrible drums. But he was not afraid of anything; remained silent. Prahlad remained silent meditating on Krishna.
8th Picture:
Prahlad underneath the legs of big elephant with great trunk.
9th Picture:
Prahlad amongst great snakes.
10th Picture:
Prahlad is administered poison with his food.
11th Picture:
Prahlad put within hailstorm.
12th Picture:
Prahlad put into great hurricane.
13th Picture:
Prahlad put into fire.
14th Picture:
Prahlad thrown from the top of mountain.
incense in the palace
Prahlad teaching
Prahlad on the head of elephant.

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