svar yātāḥ sagarātmajāḥ
kiṁ punaḥ śraddhayā devīṁ
sevante ye dhṛta-vratāḥ
bhasmībhūta-aṅga—by the body which had been burnt to ashes; saṅgena—by contacting the water of the Ganges; svaḥ yātāḥ—went to the heavenly planets; sagara-ātmajāḥ—the sons of Sagara; kim—what to speak of; punaḥ—again; śraddhayā—with faith and devotion; devīm—unto mother Ganges; sevante—worship; ye—those persons who; dhṛta-vratāḥ—with vows of determination.
Simply by having water from the Ganges come in contact with the ashes of their burnt bodies, the sons of Sagara Mahārāja were elevated to the heavenly planets. Therefore, what is to be said of a devotee who worships mother Ganges faithfully with a determined vow? One can only imagine the benefit that accrues to such a devotee.

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