rohitas tad abhijñāya
pituḥ karma cikīrṣitam
prāṇa-prepsur dhanuṣ-pāṇir
araṇyaṁ pratyapadyata
rohitaḥ—the son of Hariścandra; tat—this fact; abhijñāya—having thoroughly understood; pituḥ—of his father; karma—action; cikīrṣitam—which he was practically doing; prāṇa-prepsuḥ—wishing to save his life; dhanuḥ-pāṇiḥ—taking his bow and arrows; araṇyam—to the forest; pratyapadyata—left.
Rohita could understand that his father intended to offer him as the animal for sacrifice. Therefore, just to save himself from death, he equipped himself with bow and arrows and went to the forest.

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